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Pastrami Deli is based in Krakow, and as we think about Krakow, of course, obwarzanki come to mind – the absolute symbol of this city. They are perfect for breakfast or dinner. Below we present a banally simple recipe for obwarzanek with pastrami and goat cheese.




1 Cracow obwarzanek

Pickled vegetables (cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower)

Goat cheese 40 g

Russian sauce 30 g

Mustard 40 g

Steamed slices of pastrami 50 g

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Cut the bagel across and gently toast

Grease the bottom part with goat’s cheese

Put a few slices of pastrami and sprinkle the top with rocket or basil

Fold both parts and serve with Russian sauce and mustard


Enjoy your meal 🙂


P.S. However, if you want us to serve you a Cracow bagel in a version with olive tapenade and hummus or onion chutney and beetroot, we invite you to our restaurant at 21 Grzegórzecka Street in Cracow.

We are pleased to announce that pastrami produced by Pastrami Deli has been awarded the “Good Product 2019” certificate. Among the winners were also Wedel, Purell signed by Ewa Chodakowska, Browar Kormoran and Skarby Serowara. The award was collected by the CEO of Pastrami Deli Rafał Wysocki. The competition was organized by PTWP SA Group, the publisher of Rynek Spożywczy magazine and, and services. Thank you again and we invite you to cooperate with us!

We are proud that in a world that seems to be dominated by vege subculture, our Pastrami sets trends in the Horeca segment. Not only our traditional premium product was awarded, but also our passion we put in every day to satisfy our customers – Rafał Wysocki, CEO of Pastrami Deli.


At the corner of East Houston and Ludlow in NYC there is a restaurant with 140 employees who serve from 400 up to 4000 guests daily. It is Katz’s Delicatessen that had already made millions of Americans go crazy about the taste. But they are not the only ones to go crazy about it! So, did Pastrami Deli! It is because our trip to the USA and our visit at this very restaurant we were able to bring new quality of pastrami to Poland and Europe.

We have decided to experiment with our beef and that’s how we ended up with an idea to serve our pastrami pulled, in a delicate milky loaf!  Everything is obviously homemade so there is absolute variety when it comes to bread!

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