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Pickled cucumbers with dill or horseradish… One thing is sure: pickled cucumbers are thousands of years old and we can still enjoy their taste nowadays, by adding them to various meals.

Silages and pastrami

Additives are incredibly important  – it is a well-known fact and this remains the same when it comes to cooking; one of the examples  which is a confirmation of the case if our pastrami sandwich, served – as the tradition has it- with pickled cucumbers. Silages are a perfect match for smoked beef – they enrich its taste and they add a refreshing flavor to the meal. And what about the Reuben sandwich? Sauerkraut does not only change the quality and taste of the sandwich – it takes it to a whole new level!

Eat silages, it’s good for you!

Someone once said ‘you are what you eat’ and he was probably right. These days, we do have access to products that allow us to lead a healthy lifestyle and take good care of our organism. What kind of products are these? Simple, cheap and tasty – obviously! One of them are our favorite pickled cucumbers.

This Polish accent has been cultivated in many families due to its history and tradition – and no wonder- it is pure health! Pickles are a great source of vitamins, they are lean, light, easily absorbed and they have very good influence on our health. They can be recommended to people who want to lose some weight, too. As Aleksander Baron described in his book ‘Silages and fermentation’: some of the lactic acid bacteria included in silages are probiotic strains that work favorably on the digestive system and intestinal microflora; they help to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels; they assist in fighting infections and cold, while strengthening the organism and reducing the risk of atherosclerosis and coronary disease.

Famous cooks and chefs now reach for silage more often; they find inspiration in them and discover brand new tastes. They go back to the roots promoting it as a culinary trend, and they use silage as part of many meals. Some say there is one chef that is able to pickle even… a chair! Who is he?

And in Poland, he is quite in a pickle …

Aleksander Baron, the chef and experimentator cook we have mentioned before, is one of the most valued talents amongst the young generation; he pickles whatever comes in to his hands and analyzes it later on. Today, he is the most famous promoter of the pickling tradition in Poland – and bless him for that!

In our restaurant Food&People by Pastrami Deli, he has led pickle workshops that are surely and quickly to be repeated. There is some theory there, too but we all know that it is practice that makes perfect so we practiced, as well. The participants had the occasion to find out what benefits came from pickling vegetables and fruits and what kind of tools were necessary to do so. They also find out about the basic rules of fermentation, various techniques that can be used and the most common mistakes that people make. We do hope that the knowledge Baron has shared with us all will encourage many to experiment and enjoy silages on a daily basis.

DIY! Sign up for pickle workshops!

On November 26th, we invite anybody who is interested for KOREAN pickling with the famous and loved Daniel Wanke (this time – not just in Silesia), freelancer, chef, Asian cuisine passionate, the man responsible for the WANKE COOK’INK project! This time, you will have the opportunity to make kimchi – a traditional, Korean meal that makes the greatest appetizer and a base for many local meals.

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