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Freelancer cooker, delighted by USA and it’s Far East-like pornfood, always original, asian cuisine passionate, never into getting shortcuts, a dreamer, Chef responsible for WANKE COOK’INK project… Who are we talking about? Introducing Daniel Wanke with whom we will be leading Wanke Cook’ink & Pastrami Deli:Pastrami Ramen workshops! The workshops will take a day on 26th of August at 4pm.

Are you interested in an unforgetable journey to Japan? It will be possible only at our workshops where we will teach you how to prepare japanese leading pornfood RAMEN aka the soup of love. It is an aromatic broth with alkaline noodles, marinated egg and slices of delicate pork. But, to not be too obvious, we will connect New York and Saporro by making PASTRAMI RAMEN.

A bit of practice, a bit of theory and we welcome you in Asia! At our wokshops you will have an opportunity to prepare:

– Chashu Bacon – slices of pork cooked in a marinade based on soy sauce and sake
– Ajitsuke Tamago – marinated half-boiled egg
– Alkaline Noodles – Chinease-style wheat noodle cooked on an alkaline water
– Mayu Oil – roasted garlic based flavour oil
– Shio Tare – salty flavour base
– Shoyu Tare – soy sauce flavour base
– Miso Tare – miso flavour base

We will take care of the broth that has to cook at least 6 hours and you will take care of preparing and then eating the delicious ramen. At the end of the workshops you will receive all of the receipts and you will take all the meals you’ve prepared home.

The workshops will be leaded by the one and only Daniel Wanke whose food projects had already found many fans in Katowice. Now it is time for people in Kraków to find out about his brilliance. As it comes to pastrami – you will hear everything you want to know about it from Paweł Sacha – the creator of Pastrami Deli. See you there!

Price: 180PLN

Leading: Daniel Wanke/Wanke Cook’ink

Spot: Food&People by Pastrami Deli

Reservation: kinga.rysula@foodandpeople.pl

Mobile: 780 183 371