Pulled pastrami – Pulled Goody! January 11, 2018 – Posted in: Beef, cooking, meat, pastrami, Pastrami Deli, Pastrami sandwiches, pastrami serving, steaming pastrami

We have decided to experiment with our beef and that’s how we ended up with an idea to serve our pastrami pulled, in a delicate milky loaf!  Everything is obviously homemade so there is absolute variety when it comes to bread!


-300g pastrami

-100g red cabbage

-75g russian dressing

-35g yoghurt dressing

-optional salt, pepper



– 1 tbsp mayo

– 1 tbsp ketchup

– 1/3 tsp worcesterhire sauce

– 1/2 tsp horseradish

– 1 chive

– pepper pinch

Mix all ingredients together



– 100ml natural yoghurt

– 15g chive

– 15g mint

– 2 tsp lemon juice

– salt and pepper

Mix all ingredient together



– 1 red cabbage

– 150g butter

– 100g chopped onion

– 150ml red wine

– 150g Onion chutney by Pastrami Deli

– 50g sugar

Boil red cabbage with butter, glazed onion, red wine and sugar. Next, add some carmelised onion and season with salt and pepper. At the end add some honey and cold butter and mix until you get emulsion.



Overcook pastrami so that it is possible to ‘yank’ it with the fork without pouring boiled water but just by reducing and adding it back to the meat.

Now just put such prepared beef, sauces and vegetables on the bread of your choice (we highly suggest milk rolls) and bon appettit! Send pictures of your homemade Pulled Pastrami to kinga.rysula@pastramideli.pl – the most creative ones will be published on our website!