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Last month Pastrami Deli appeared in Food Lab Studio at the invitation of Warsaw –based company Baziółka.  At the event not only did we cook but we were also telling our guests stories about pastrami, our work and the effort we put into the preparation of the ideal recipe which makes our product so unique. Lots of positive feedback from our guests proved a huge success of the dinner. This incredible experience as well as the organization of a few other caterings both for companies and individual clients encouraged us to organize pastrami workshops in our restaurant Food&People by Pastrami Deli.

We plan to put our idea into practice on 3rd December. The event will be hosted by Paweł Sacha,  accompanied by one of our cooks who specializes in pastrami dishes. We have mobile cooking stations where the participants can easily work on their own dishes.  Since they are going to be our first workshops you will have the first crack at our classic dishes i.e. reuben sandwich with sauerkraut, Russian sauce and Ementaler cheese and pastrami hash – meat and vegetable dish ideal for any time of the day.  An excellent complement for this culinary feast will be baba ganoush, a middle-eastern dip made of roasted eggplant and tahini paste.

Common cooking will be enhanced with stories about pastrami told by Paweł. It will be an extraordinary occasion not only to try this slow cured and smoked beef brisket but also learn about its long and exceptionally interesting story.