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The one of a kind culinary weekend is coming to Silesia! Pastrami Deli and Wanke Cook’ink comes for the very first time to the Night Market in the Porcelein Factory in Katowice! Are you ready for this collab?

Our legendary sandwiches and very original sandwiches by the brilliant cook, freelancer and asian cuisine passionate – Daniel Wanke will definietely steal you hearts! Check out for yourself this weekend! We start on Friday, September 1st at 5pm.
Here’s what we’ve got for you (each sandwich 25pln):
(rye bread, pastrami, mustard)
(rye bread, pastrami, russian sauce, cheddar, saurekraut)
(rye bread, pastrami, sweet-sour pickles, spring onions, coriander, sriracha mayo)
(rye bread, pastrami, kimchi coleslaw, cheese, ssamjang dip sauce)