Meat, music and singing! July 26, 2017 – Posted in: Katz's Delicatessen, New York, Nocny Market, pastrami, pastrami serving, reuben, steaming pastrami, Targ, Warsaw

Night Market is a permanent market placed on platforms of old train station ‘Warszawa Główna Osobowa’, on the Targowa street in Warsaw. It had started on April 21st and will run until autumn. This weekly event gathers crowds of fans. As the organisators says themselves, it is for ‘everyone who prefers lazy dinners over early breakfasts. For lovers of various culinary experiences, local products and global cuisines. For those who rest best on the fresh air and feel alive in the moonlight… Magical platforms, delicious food, great wine and warm nights. Kind of Asia, kind of Berlin, whole lot of Warsaw.

It’s a brand new place on the gastronomic map of Poland that, thanks to its wide range of products, will let nobody leave hungry! Great food, night talks and atmospheric music – not too bad, is it? Travel with us in time to distant Asia! You have no choice but visit Warsaw and start your culinary weekend!

Furthermore our pastrami had founds its place at Night Market. This trully is a feast for all pastramilovers! We serve various versions of pastrami sandwiches, starting with classics, through Reuben and to shrimp paste sandwiches. There is a lot to chose from and the taste? One of a kind! We must admit – everybody will find something on this market. We talk not only food: there are loads of attraction waiting there for you! Music zone, lifestyle zone, even tattoo zone and inspiring exhibitions.

If you’re about to visit Warsaw you simply can’t pass this magical place. We invite you – each Friday and Saturday from 5pm til 1am, and on Sundays from 4pm til 11pm! There is a rotation of food exhibitors but we keep on showing up quite often. You can meet us on the platform 2-3 times per month so do check our fanpage – you will find all and the news there.