JAKE DELL – MEET THE NY PASTRAMI KING January 25, 2018 – Posted in: Beef, butchery, cooking, corned beef, Jake Dell, Katz's Delicatessen, meat, New York, pastrami, Pastrami Deli, Pastrami sandwiches, pastrami serving

At the corner of East Houston and Ludlow in NYC there is a restaurant with 140 employees who serve from 400 up to 4000 guests daily. It is Katz’s Delicatessen that had already made millions of Americans go crazy about the taste. But they are not the only ones to go crazy about it! So, did Pastrami Deli! It is because our trip to the USA and our visit at this very restaurant we were able to bring new quality of pastrami to Poland and Europe.

Let’s leave restaurant itself for a minute and let us focus on its owner… Have you been wondering who he is? Well he is the American pastrami king in fifth generation! Jake Dell is a 30-years-old pastrami lover and a representative of young business leaders. When he took over the restaurant he decided to mix tradition with something new; soon it turned out to be the best idea! He keeps opening new places in New York, he disseminates pastrami trade by using online shopping and home delivery service. His restaurant was included on the Food & Drink 2017 list, on 30th place. As you can see he is already doing fine and we are pretty sure this is only just beginning of his big plans for promoting and selling beef.

On the website, you’d find about 100 pastrami products, starting with hot dogs through traditional pastrami sandwiches and getting to T-shirts, designed for true pastrami lovers. One cannot simply choose from all of the above! In his interview for Forbes, Dell mentioned that these days you have to make the access to shopping food as easy as possible, that’s why he had decided to start pastrami online shop.

Besides food the young restaurateur values the smell of the pastrami, the restaurant’s atmosphere, city noise, typical NYC’s daily chaos and his by far favourite thing: personal attachement and energy of all the people who visit Katz’s Delicatessen! All of the above makes you wanna get there and become a part of creating history of this outstanding kind of meat. There is no surprise that the consiousness and interest of pastrami keeps on growing in the world. Unfortunatelly, as it happens in gastronomy, there are ups and downs: many restaurants in NYC got closed despite their long-term experience. Katz’s Deli however carries on and continues the art of creating pastrami that had already got the status of an iconic meat. We try to build our own legend on the other side of Atlantic by promoting and selling our pastrami not just in Poland but across all of the European Union.

When you are in NYC,  you must necessarily drop into Katz’s Delicatessen.