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We will remember this night for a long time! Two months of preparations, two pig halfs – which is almost 100 kgs of delicious pork – our pastrami and a lot of great wine! All this because…

He was in Las Vegas, Tokio and Istambul and then he visited us in Krakow! His beef and pork are of the unique quality, recognized not only in Italy but all around the world. Who do we mean? Dario Cecchini – the legend of Italian and worldwide butchery, a showman, an artist, Italian poetry lover and a butcher in 8th generation. Dario, together with prominent meat connoisseur, Adam Chrząstowski, got us through an ‘operation’ on a pig. Maestro Cecchini showed us what butchery craft is about and treated us with stories about his profession’s philosophy, 250 years of his family’s butchery tradition and his life on the Chianti hills.

Cecchini came to Krakow with his assistant Andrea and Faith Willingerwho we owe our friendship and our previous meeting with Dario in Panzano.

Faith, and American journalist who used to work for New York Times for years has been living in Florence and feels Italian mentally. Last year she wanted to prepare an extraordinary dinner for his friend and our guest – Dario Cecchini. Willinger decided to treat him with Paweł Sacha’s beef. When Dario tried our pastrami he wanted to meet Paweł in person and so he invited him to his hometown Panzano in Chianti. After this meeting and some heavy feasting in Tuscany, the two became friends and that led them to teaming up for Sicilian meat fest Carnalia on Etna. It was there where two gentelmen decided to meet and celebrate in Krakow.

That evening was filled with some great and funny stories of Dario’s childhood, family and his beloved ‘la nonna’ which means grandmother. She was a very talented cook and she was able to prepare outstanding meals out of leftovers. She was a great authority for Dario. She taught him respect for animals and the fact that killed animal should be used from nose to tail.

During our meeting Dario kept on repeating, like it was his mantra, that respect for animal is essential. Cecchini’s philosophy is to treat animals as a gift that lets us live and enjoy life.

After this important lesson we tried white sausage, prepared during the show and seasoned with Tuscan ‘perfumes’. All of the guests absolutely loved it!

At the end of the evening we tried some of the hungarian wines and obviously our pastrami.

We need to mention the magical atmosphere; everyone was delighted by Dario’s stories and he surely gave us an unforgatable lesson about food and butcher’s job. This was a historical evening for Pastrami Deli.

The next day our four guests: Dario, his assistant and Faith with her husband, decided to experience Krakow beauty for themselves. Then, they travelled to Ogień restaurant in Pogorzany, where Aleksander Baron, charismatic chef,  one of greatest culinary talents among young cooks, co-owner of Solec 44 restaurant in Warsaw, served our Italian guests his signature dishes.

What a great time it was!