CULINARY PASTRAMI VARIATIONS IN THE FOOD&PEOPLE MENU September 13, 2016 – Posted in: corned beef, Katz's Delicatessen, New York, pastrami, pastrami serving – Tags: , , ,

A kitchen is one of these magic places that offer infinite potential for creating fresh and unique flavors by mixing a variety of ingredients.  The possibilities are endless.  Just like our imagination, which lets us draw inspiration from everywhere …

When creating pastrami we are traditionalists to our fingertips, but when it comes to our restaurant menu, we allowed ourselves to add a hint of craziness and decided on a little experiment with our delicious meat. Obviously we took the first crack at the sandwiches. We couldn’t imagine our menu without the original fusion, so we hit on the idea to mix pastrami with homemade red-beet-and-horseradish dip and celeriac and this was  how our delicious Chef Sandwich came into existence.  Strangely enough our another inspiration became a burger.  We replaced the fried meat with our juicy pastrami,  added vegies , melted cheese, put French fires on the side and got a delicious and a far healthier burger.

We wanted to prove that beef brisket that we cure and smoke ourselves can be used in many dishes apart from sandwiches.  We introduced pastrami hash to our menu.  It is chopped meat fried with vegetables served with a fried egg.  An ideal dish for any time of the day. We also decided to enhance the well-known dishes by adding a bit of pastrami taste. And that’s how we created pastrami Cesar salad or revised pastrami pierogis.

Food&People is not only a place to have breakfast, lunch or pastrami dishes.  It offers unique meat cuisine. We focused on original dishes that are virtually impossible to find anywhere else in Krakow. We specialize in beef cheeks,  classic beef tongues, or  unique Mangalica carpaccio. Lately our menu has been enriched with amazing flavors of Polish game. We proudly offer deer in a roll and  boar ribs.

As we continue to develop, we look forward to see where our and your culinary imagination can lead us.